With over 10 years of photography experience, photography has shaped not only I do, but who I am. Seeing moments for exactly what they are, meeting people in their need and shaping even the best moments to be worthy of being memorable ones, I am enamored with all that photography encompasses.

It isn’t just the art that keeps me coming back for more, but the opportunity to love and make my clients feel seen exactly as they are. My clients have taken me around the world to capture their story, but in reality, they have been helping me write my own. Through their joy, intentionality and truth to themselves, they have given me permission to follow in their footsteps. Feeling more deeply, smiling more rightly, and loving more fully. Those are the gifts left for me so sweetly by people I will forever cherish.

I am forever grateful for every opportunity God has given me to put in the work and love others through the talent and craft He has given me and I hope to continue doing so for years to come.

Hello, I'm Jennefer.

If there is one thing that has clearly resonated with me throughout my years as a photographer, it is that my love for my clients runs deep. Not only that, but more than ever, I know who my people are! My clients love just as deeply as I do, if not more. They are intentional with their words, their actions and their time.

More than that, they know what is right for THEM and will stand up to have the moments their heart desires. It is the small weddings with personal traditions, the in home family sessions, the exiting from their wedding ceremony to The Office theme song played by a live string quartet. Give me, homemade chocolate chip cookies past midnight, marathons of classic comedies from the 90s, Michael Scott quotes like breathing and worship music on repeat. Those are my people.

If any of this resonates with you...go ahead and call me your bestie, you wouldn’t be wrong.

My Clients Are